Politics By Graham Sharpe


BOOKMAKERS WILLIAM HILL are betting on when both the next Scottish and EU Referendums (Referenda if you prefer) will take place - and what the outcome of each will be.

With the SNP Conference coming to a close, Hills offer 5/4 that there will be another Scottish Referendum by the end of 2020 (4/7 there will not); but 4/6 that there will be one by the end of 2024 (11/10 not).

The In/Out EU Referendum will take place between July-December 2016, say Hills, making that option 6/5, with Jan-June 2017 at 9/4; 7/2 before end of June 2016; 6/1 July 2017 or later.

HILLS have cut their odds from 2/1 to 7/4 that the In/Out EU Referendum will produce a 'Leave' outcome, but make 'Stay' 4/9 favourite.

It is 6/4 with Hills that Scots will vote in favour of Scottish independence by the end of 2024.


SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE......Vote in favour of Independence before end of 2024 - 6/4 Yes; 1/2 No

IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM.........Vote in favour of REMAINING in EU - 4/9; In favour of LEAVING EU - 7/4.