Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Rand Paul Gatecrashes Presidential Race

REPUBLICAN Presidential contender Rand Paul has been hitting the headlines in the USA recently, and is quoted by William Hill as 9/1 fourth favourite to win the Republican nomination, and 20/1 sixth favourite to succeed Barack Obama as President.

'It is early days in the campaign but Mr Paul has certainly raised his profile following his actions in blocking the Senate from extending the NSA bulk records surveillance authority' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'And in doing so he has made many more voters aware of his designs on the White House.'

REPUBLICAN NOMINATION: 5/2 Jeb Bush; Marco Rubio; 7/2 Scott Walker; 9/1 Rand Paul. Others on request.

NEXT U.S. PRESIDENT: Evens Hilary Clinton; 9/2 Jeb Bush; 5/1 Marco Rubio; 10/1 Scott Walker; 16/1 Elizabeth Warren; 20/1 Rand Paul. Others on request.

WINNING PARTY: 4/6 Democrats; 6/5 Republicans; 66/1 Independent.