Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Presidential Election Hell For Hillary?

HILLARY CLINTON is marginal favourite to win the Iowa Caucus, but is trailing behind Bernie Saunders to do so in New Hampshire, with bookmakers William Hill, who have lengthened her odds of becoming President to 11/8 from 6/5 as she continues to struggle to assert her credentials as the best choice to succeed Barack Obama in the White House.

'For the last couple of years it has been almost taken as a given that Hillary Clinton would cruise to victory in the Presidential race, and her odds reflected that status' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'But she now appears to be under threat even within her own Party, while the surge in support for Donald Trump and other candidates suggests that the race to the White House is no one-horse walkover'


IOWA CAUCUS (Rep).....9/4 Trump; 11/4 Walker; 7/2 Rubio; 5/1 Carson; 6/1 Bush; 9/1 Paul; 12/1 Kasich; 14/1 Fiorina; Huckabee.Others on request.

IOWA (Dem).....4/5 Clinton; Evens (1/1) Sanders; 6/1 Biden; 40/1 O'Malley. Others on request.

NEW HAMPSHIRE (Rep)...2/1 Bush; 10/3 Walker; 7/2 Trump; 5/1 Rubio; 8/1 Kasich; 10/1 Paul. Others on request.

NEW HAMPSHIRE (Dem)....5/6 Sanders; Evens (1/1) Clinton; 6/1 Biden. Others on request

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE...13/8 Bush; 3/1 Trump; 5/1 Rubio; 7/1 Walker; 9/1 Kasich; 11/1 Carson; 16/1 Fiorina; Cruz; 20/1 Paul;Huckabee

DEM CANDIDATE.....2/5 Clinton; 4/1 Biden; 9/2 Sanders; 33/1 O'Malley; Sanders

TO BE PRESIDENT: 11/8 Clinton; 9/2 Bush; 5/1 Trump; 7/1 Biden; 9/1 Sanders; 12/1 Rubio; 18/1 Kasich; 22/1 Walker; 25/1 Carson; Fiorina. Others on request.