Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Political Punter's £80,000 Gamble On Tory Majority in Hung Parliament

WILLIAM HILL have cut their odds for the Conservatives to be the largest single Party at the General Election, from 4/6 to 8/13 after further support. 'Although punters are not sure what the make up of the next government will be they are becoming more confident that the Tories will be the largest single Party, and the odds about that have been shortening consistently, having once been odds against at 6/5' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

**One West Country- based William Hill customer has staked £56,000 on the Tories winning most seats, and stands to collect £110,000 as a result. 'The same client stands to win over £50,000 if there is a Hung Parliament' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'Having staked a total of £23,409 on a Hung Parliament, the customer will also collect £51,043.18 should it happen, having wagered 23 bets of between £500 and £2000 on that outcome.'

TO BE LARGEST SINGLE PARTY....8/13 Conservatives; 5/4 Labour; 33/1 Ukip; 400/1 Lib Dems.


NICK CLEGG is Even money favourite with William Hill to be the first of the 'Big 4' Leaders to stand down, with Ed Miliband 15/8 favourite; David Cameron 9/2; Nigel Farage 10/1.

DAVID CAMERON is 4/7 to be PM on August 1, 2015, with Ed Miliband 11/8.

16/1 - all of the Big 4 Leaders still in place at the end of the year.

33/1 AL MURRAY to become an MP at the General Election - and 11/4 to retain his deposit.

6/1 ALEX SALMOND to become a Minister in the next Government.

11/8 - ED BALLS to deliver the first Budget after the General Election.

4/1 Mansion Tax to be introduced duriong 2015.

6/1 BORIS JOHNSON to be the NEXT Prime Minister.

GENERAL ELECTION OUTCOME...1/5 Hung Parliament; 4/1 Con-LD Coalition; 9/2 Coalition involving SNP; 9/2 Con minority govt; 11/2 Con majority; Lab minority govt; 11/2 Lab-LD coalition; 7/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 9/1 Lab majority; 20/1 Coalition involving Greens; 33/1 Con-Lab coalition; 50/1 Ukip majority; 500/1 Lib Dem majority.