Politics By Graham Sharpe

Political Punters Back Ukip By Election Upset

60% of all the bets struck so far with William Hill on the outcome of the Oldham West/Royton by-election have been for a Ukip victory - but 65% of the money placed has been on hot favourite Labour.

'We make Labour big odds-on favourites to retain the seat, and most of the bigger bets we've taken have been for that to happen, but in terms of the number of individual bets placed, the great majority have been for a Ukip win' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

% OF BETS FOR EACH PARTY...60% Ukip; 24% Lab; 10% Cons; 3% Green; 3% LD

% OF STAKE MONEY FOR EACH PARTY...65% Lab; 30% Ukip; 2.5% Cons; 1.25% Green; 1.25% LD

TO WIN SEAT....1/12 Labour; 6/1 Ukip; 50/1 Cons; 150/1 Greens; 150/1 Lib Dems

VOTE %AGES......Labour to win 50% or more of votes cast - 10/11; To poll Under 50% of votes cast- 10/11.