Politics By Graham Sharpe

Odds Cut For EU Referendum 'Quit' Vote

William Hill have cut their odds for a vote in favour of leaving the EU when the in/out EU Referendum takes place, shortening their price for that outcome from 3/1(stake £1 for potential £3 profit) to 11/4 (stake £4 for potential £11 profit) after a poll indicated a majority for that option were the vote to take place 'tomorrow'.

However, Hills still make a 'Stay In' vote their favourite, albeit lengthening the odds from 2/9 (stake £9 for potential £2 profit) to 1/4 (stake £4 for potential £1 profit.)

'It is still early days in the process and as yet the date of the Referendum has not been announced, but this poll offers an indication of how people are thinking.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL believe the Referendum will take place before the end of June 2016, making that their 11/10 favourite - 'But the poll could alter government thinking about when the Referendum should take place' said Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL....When will IN/OUT EU Referndum take place?....11/10 Before end June 2016; 3/1 July-Dec 2016; 4/1 Jan-June '17; 4/1 July 2017 or later.

OUTCOME OF IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM....1/4 Stay In; 11/4 Leave.

NEXT LABOUR LEADER: 2/7 Corbyn; 4/1 Cooper; 7/1 Burnham; 100/1 Kendall.