Football - American By Joe Crilly

NFL Season Opener: Fastest Growing Sport In UK

The American Football season is due to kick off in the early hours of Friday morning and British bookmaker, William Hill, can gauge the public swelling of support for the sport this side of the pond by looking back into the recent betting history. Since 2013, turnover for the Super Bowl has increased by nearly 100% with Hills expecting up to £2m to be wagered on this season’s flagship event and Britain’s industry will accept £10m.

  “In 2013, we took just over £1m on the Super Bowl,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “In three years, turnover has doubled and that is reflective of how popular the sport is and the speed with which it is growing in the UK.”  

The sport is so popular that every season, the debate as to whether a UK franchise will be introduced. William Hill offer 25/1 that there is one before the end of 2020 and 66/1 that the Super Bowl will be held in the UK before the end of 2025.

  “The fact that three games sell out Wembley, suggests that there is an appetite for regular football on these shores and a UK franchise could be just around the corner,” said William hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

  Super Bowl winner: 9/2 Seattle Seahawks; 7/1 Green Bay Packers; 8/1 New England Patriots; 9/1 Indianapolis Colts; 14/1 Denver Broncos; 16/1 Philadelphia Eagles; 20/1 Dallas Cowboys; 25/1 Baltimore Ravens; 28/1 Pittsburgh Steelers; 33/1 Miami Dolphins; 40/1 Arizona Cardinals; 40/1 Cincinnati Bengals; 40/1 Detroit Lions; 40/1 Kansa City Chiefs; 40/1 New Orleans Saints; 40/1 San Diego Chargers; 50/1 Atlanta Falcons; 50/1 Buffalo Bills; 50/1 Minnesota Vikings; 50/1 New York Giants; 50/1 St Louis Rams; 66/1 Carolina Panthers; 66/1 Houston Texans; 80/1 San Francisco 49ers; 100/1 Chicago Bears; 100/1 New York Jets; 150/1 Cleveland Browns; 150/1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 150/1 Washington Redskins; 250/1 Jacksonville Jaguars; 250/1 Oakland Raiders; 250/1 Tennessee Titans

  UK franchise before the end of 2020: 25/1

  UK Super Bowl before the end of 2025: 66/1

Picture by: Winslow Townson/AP/Press Association Images