Financial Betting By Joe Crilly

New Face Of £20 Note:

The public nominations on who should replace Adam Smith on the Bank of England £20 close on Sunday and in the betting market, it is William Blake who heads the betting at 6/1 ahead of JMW Turner at 8/1 and LS Lowry 10/1.


 Other names in the frame are Barbara Hepworth at 12/1, Richard Attenborough at 14/1 and Beatrix Potter at 66/1.


“We should have a clearer idea as to who has been nominated in the next few days but for now, it is William Blake who has a slight lead in the betting from Turner and Lowry,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. 


Who will replace Adam Smith on the BOE £20 note: 6/1 William Blake; 8/1 JMW Turner; 10/1 LS Lowry; 12/1 Barbara Hepworth; 12/1 George Stubbs; 14/1 Richard Attenborough; 16/1 Henry Moore; 25/1 Burt Hardy; 25/1 Clarice Cliff; 25/1 Francis Bacon; 25/1 Jacob Epstein; 25/1 John Shackleton; 25/1 Joseph Wright of Derby; 25/1 Joshua Reynolds; 25/1 Josiah Wedgwood; 25/1 Lucien Freud; 25/1 Thomas Gainsborough; 25/1 William Hogarth; 25/1 William Morris; 33/1 David Lean; 33/1 Derek Jarman; 33/1 John Constable; 33/1 John Sloane; 40/1 Angus McBrean; 40/1 Charlie Chaplin;  50/1 Alfred Hitchcock; 50/1 Augustus Egg; 50/1 Bruce James Talbert; 50/1 Harry Beck; 50/1 James Plucknett; 50/1 Jane Brown; 50/1 Philip Clissett; 50/1 Philip Jones; 66/1 Beatrix Potter; 100/1 Alexander McQueen; 100/1 Mary Adshead; 100/1 Patrick Caulfield; 100/1 Thomas Burberry