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Movie Madness

William Hill have slashed the odds of Nicholas Hoult being named as the next Bond after a number of bets on Saturday morning. He has tumbled from 66/1 to 6/1 placing him behind just Damian Lewis (5/2), Tom Hardy (3/1), Idris Elba (4/1), David Oyelowo (5/1 and Henry Cavill (5/1).


“This gamble is very similar to the one that we saw on Damian Lewis in that we saw a rush of money for someone who was a huge outsider,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “The likes of Hardy and Elba have always been favourites, while Holt and Lewis barely registered on our radar when the market was formed.”


Anne Hathaway’s odds of being named as the next Mary Poppins have been halved from an original 6/1 to 3/1 making her the red hot favourite well ahead of Emily Blunt at 7/1 in second place.


“Anne Hathaway was 6/1 but under the weight of money she has fallen to 3/1,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “There is nothing in this gamble to suggest anyone knows anything given that the majority of bets have been under £10, what it does indicate however is that our punters think Hathaway would make a great Mary Poppins.”


Next James Bond after Daniel Craig: 5/2 Damian Lewis; 3/1 Tom Hardy; 4/1 Idris Elba; 5/1 David Oyelowo; 5/1 Henry Cavill; 6/1 Nicholas Holt; 7/1 Michael Fassbender; 12/1 Orlando Bloom; 14/1 Andrew Lincoln; 14/1 Dan Stevens; 14/1 Richard Armitage; 16/1 Jamie Dornan; 18/1 Tom Hiddlestone; 20/1 BAR


Who will play Mary Poppins: 3/1 Anne Hathaway; 7/1 Emily Blunt; 8/1 Anna Kendrick; 8/1 Cate Blanchett; 8/1 Meryl Streep; 10/1 Carey Mulligan; 10/1 Catherine Zeta-Jones; 10/1 Felicity Jones; 10/1 Kristen Bell; 10/1 Rosamund Pike; 16/1 BAR



Picture by: Evan Agostini/AP/Press Association Images