Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Miliband Wins Debate

ED MILIBAND polled more 'Best' performer votes in the ComRes Instant Reaction poll on which bookmakers William Hill based their market on who would come out on top in the 7 Leader Debate. 'Mr Miliband received 238 votes in the ComRes poll, beating David Cameron into 2nd with 236, and Nigel Farage third on 235.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


Ed Miliband's odds started at 3/1 joint second favourite with David Cameron, but he drifted out to 9/1 at one stage, before coming back into 5/1 when betting ended. One Hill's client wins £360 for a £40 bet on him at 9/1, another £275 from a £50 bet at 11/2.

'Nigel Farage started as 6/4 favourite and would have been the worst result for us' added Sharpe.

Natalie Bennett was clearly voted 'Worst' performer, for which she had started as 2/1 favourite.