Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Miliband PM odds shortened

BOOKMAKERS William Hill have shortened their odds for Ed Miliband to be Prime Minister by August 1, 2015, from 6/4 to 11/10 - and lengthened the price for David Cameron still to be PM on that date from 4/7 to 8/11.

'Despite some hefty support for David Cameron to remain in office following the General Election there has been consistent backing for Ed Miliband to replace him, which has now gone up a level and forced us to trim his odds accordingly' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

However, Ed Miliband will need as many Labour MPs in Scotland as possible to help him over the winning line, but Hills make Labour just 5/1 to end up with five or fewer MPs north of the border, while the SNP are a mere 2/1 to end up with 51 or more. Hills also offer 5/1 that Scotland will become independent by the end of 2024.

TO BE PM ON AUG 1, 2015- 8/11 Cameron; 11/10 Miliband.

Labour in government - Minority Govt- 2/1; Majority govt 16/1; In coalition with Lib Dems- 8/1; In coalition with Conservatives- 33/1

MOST SEATS AFTER GENERAL ELECTION- 1/2 Conservatives; 6/4 Labour

Labour seats in Scotland; 3/1 6-10; 3/1 11-15; 4/1 16-20; 5/1 0-5. Others on request.

SNP seats in Scotland; 2/1 51 or more; 3/1 41-45; 3/1 46-50; 5/1 36-40; 6/1 31-35. Others on request.

SNP to be in government coalition following General Election - 13/2