Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Marco Threat To Hillary Hopes

Following the 4th Republican debate, bookmakers William Hill have retained Hillary Clinton as their 4/5 favourite to win the race to the White House but think the Republicans' best hope of beating her is with Marco Rubio, who is 5/4 favourite to emerge as their candidate and 7/2 to end up as the next President.

'Marco Rubio seems to be tightening his grip on the Republican nomination and emerged unscathed from the latest debate in which Jeb Bush steadied the ship after recently appearing inndanger of sinking without trace.' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'However, a Trump victory is still the result we fear most in financial terms'

REPUBLICAN NOMINATION...5/4 Rubio; 7/2 Trump; 6/1 Bush; 13/2 Cruz; 15/2 Carson; 20/1 Christie; 22/1 Fiorina; 33/1 Huckabee; 33/1 Kasich; 50/1 Paul; 66/1 Graham; 66/1 Ryan. Others on request.

TO BE NEXT ELECTED PRESIDENT: 4/5 Clinton; 7/2 Rubio; 11/2 Trump; 9/1 Sanders; 14/1 Bush; 16/1 Carson; 20/1 Cruz; 33/1 Christie; 33/1 Bloomberg; 50/1 Huckabee; 50/1 Kasich; 66/1 Fiorina. Others on request.

WINNING PARTY; 4/6 Democrats; 6/5 Republicans; 33/1 Independent.