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Loch Ness Monster: Bookie Bets She's Still Out There?

After the sad news that Loch Ness Monster hunter Steve Feltham has given up his search for the mystery creature after 24 years, bookmakers William Hill are betting on whether ‘Nessie’ is still out there. 

But Britain’s biggest bookmaker has pushed the odds out to 250/1 from 100/1 that ‘Nessie’ is discovered this year.

“It’s a real shame that Steve has given up his search, because there is still a mystery and until definitive proof is found then people will still ask the question of what exactly is in Loch Ness,” said William Hill spokesman Jon Ivan-Duke.

“We respect Steve’s idea that ‘Nessie’ is a giant catfish, but we still think there is something a bit more fishy in the Loch.”

Every year William Hill give out a cash prize to the best Loch Ness Monster sighting – this year’s competition was won by Bjarne SJ strand from Stockholm, Sweden, who bagged £2000 after capturing a mysterious image in Loch Ness on Google Earth. 

William Hill Odds – Loch Ness Monster To Be Discovered in 2015: 250/1

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