General Election Politics By Graham Sharpe

Last major gamble of Election campaign is for 'same again'

WITH UP TO £25MILLION of bets riding on the General Election bookmakers William Hill who began betting on the outcome as soon as the 2010 coalition was formed, believe there is every chance that the 2015 Election will produce exactly the same result - but may take rather longer to confirm it.

'The final major gamble of the Election campaign has seen our odds for a repeat of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition shorten consistently from 6/1 at the end of April (stake £1 to win £6) to under half of those odds at just 11/4 (stake £4 to win £11) and now, on the eve of  voting getting underway that option is the shortest odds it has been' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

A Labour minority government is the narrow favourite at 15/8, although the odds have lengthened from 7/4.

WILLIAM HILL have also shortened their odds for a Hung Parliament yet again, this time from 1/12 to 1/16. 'It will now cost you £16 to win £1 by betting on a Hung Parliament' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'Just six months ago the odds were 2/5 - £5 to win £2 - so this has definitely been the biggest price plunge of the Election campaign - which will see up to £25million gambled on the outcome.'

**One Hill's client from SW London has staked the biggest ever General Election bet of £205,500 on a Hung Parliament, and stands to collect £251,944.

ELECTION OUTCOME....15/8 Labour minority govt: 11/4 Con-LD coalition; 5/1 Con minority; 8/1 Lab-LD coalition; 9/1 Con majority; 9/1 Coalition involving SNP; 20/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 22/1 Any other outcome ; 40/1 Lab majority; 66/1 Coalition involving Greens; 500/1 Lib Dem majority;.500/1 Ukip majority.

TO BE PRIME MINISTER ON AUG 1, 2015......10/11 Cameron; 10/11 Miliband; 25/1 Other


VOTER TURNOUT....6/5 Over 65-70%; 9/4 Over 70-75%; 7/2 Over 60-65%; 10/1 Over 75%; 14/1 Over 55-60%; 25/1 55% or under.

WHEN WILL COMPOSITION OF NEXT GOVT BE CONFIRMED?-  2/1 Not before June 1; 5/2 May 9-12; 7/2 May 13-16; 4/1 Before May 9; 8/1 May 17-31.

PARTY SEATS....CONS - 288 or more 10/11; 287 or fewer- 10/11......LAB- 269 or more 10/11; 268 or fewer- 10/11;....

LDs- 26 or more- Evens; 25 or fewer- 8/11;......SNP- 50 or more 4/6; 49 or fewer 11/10....UKIP- 4or more- 5/4; 3 or fewer- 4/7...

Greens- 1 or more -2/7; 0-5/2;....PC 4 or more 6/5; 3 or fewer- 8/13


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