Politics By Graham Sharpe

Labour Out Of Power Until 2030, Predict Bookies

AS JEREMY CORBYN's Labour leader odds are cut to their shortest yet at 2/9 (stake £9 for potential £2 profit) by William Hill, the bookies have also opened a market on when Labour will next achieve an overall majority government - and make between 2026-30 their 5/2 favourite - offering just 3/1 that it will not happen before 2031.

'With so many Labour figures predicting that a Corbyn victory could make the Party unelectable, we decided to start betting on just when the next Labour government will take office, and we don't see it happening any time soon -probably not for at least fifteen years, in fact' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


  • LABOUR LEADER....2/9 Corbyn; 9/2 Burnham; 10/1 Cooper; 100/1 Kendall.
  • NEXT GENERAL ELECTION....5/4 Hung Parliament; 11/8 Conservative overall majority; 10/3 Labour overall majority.
  • NEXT OVERALL LABOUR MAJORITY GOVT TO TAKE OFFICE: 5/2 2026-30 inclusive: 11/4 2021-25 inclusive; 3/1 2031 or later; 10/3 in or before 2020.
  • CORBYN TO LEAD LABOUR INTO NEXT GENERAL ELECTION? 2/7 No; 5/2 Yes (Void if not elected Leader)