Politics By Graham Sharpe

Interest Rate Rise? Odds Lengthen

WILLIAM HILL have lengthened their odds about the Bank of England raising the Interest Rate before the end of the year from 6/5 (bet £5 for profit of £6) to 5/4 (bet £4 for profit of £5).

And Hills have cut their odds for it to remain the same until 2016 from 8/13 (bet £13 for profit of £8) to 4/7 (bet £7 for profit of £4).

'Some financial experts were expecting a more significant indication that the Rate might soon be on the rise, but the margin in favour of the status quo suggests something significant will need to happen before the much anticipated rise takes place' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL....BoE Interest Rate To Rise By End Of Year?.....4/7 NO; 5/4 YES.