Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Hillary White House Odds Cut

HILLARY CLINTON has been cut from 5/4 to 11/10 by bookmakers William Hill to win the US Presidential Election. 'Since Hillary announced she was running for office she has been overwhelmingly the most popular choice for our political punters' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills make her hot favourite at 1/4 to win the Democrat nomination, ahead of Elizabeth Warren at 8/1, while Jeb Bush is 2/1 favourite to run for the Republicans.

'We expect to take an eight figure turnover on the outcome of the US Election, and thus far two thirds of what we have taken on who will win has been staked on Hillary' added Sharpe.

Some William Hill clients backed Hillary at 100/1 ever to become President when he husband Bill was in the White House.

**A WILLIAM HILL customer staked a £20 bet back in October 2000 on Ms Clinton becoming the first US President at odds of 1000/1 - but she didn't back Hillary - she staked the bet on her daughter, Chelsea. 'This particular client, from London's West End, will be hoping that Hillary loses out this time round but that her daughter eventually avenges her defeat' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL....TO WIN US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION; 4/6 Democrats; 6/5 Republicans; 66/1 Independent;

TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENT: 11/10 Hillary Clinton; 4/1 Jeb Bush; 10/1 Scott Walker; 12/1 Marco Rubio; 16/1 Elizabeth Warren; 20/1 Rand Paul; 25/1 Chris Christie; 33/1 Joe Biden; 33/1 Ben Carson. Others on request


TO WIN DEM NOMINATION: 1/4 Clinton; 8/1 Warren; 20/1 Biden. Others on request

TO WIN REP NOMINATION: 2/1 Bush; 5/1 Walker; 7/1 Paul; 7/1 Rubio; 12/1 Christie; 16/1 Carson 16/1 Cruz.