Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Hillary Hot Favourite For White House Race

With Hillary Clinton set to announce herself as a candidate, Hillary Clinton has been installed as 5/4 favourite by bookmakers William Hill to win the US Presidential Election.

'Hillary Clinton has long been regarded as a US President in waiting and certainly has the family connections to make her a credible contender - some of our clients backed her years ago at odds of 100/1 to be the first female President of the US' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe,adding that 68% of all the money so far staked on the outcome of the Election has been staked on Hillary Clinton.'Presidential punters are convinced that Hillary is again on course for the White House, but this time not in a supporting role.'

TO WIN 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION......5/4 Hillary Clinton; 4/1 Jeb Bush; 10/1 Scott Walker; 14/1 Marco Rubio; 14/1 Rand Paul; 18/1 Elizabeth Warren; 25/1 Chris Christie; 33/1 Joe Biden; Andrew Cuomo; Ben Carson;T Cruz; Condoleeza Rice; Paul Ryan. Others on request.

Republican candidate: 2/1 J Bush; 5/1 S Walker; 7/1 R Paul; M Rubio; 12/1 C Christie; T Cruz. Others on request.

Democrat candidate: 1/3 H Clinton; 5/1 E Warren; 20/1 J Biden; A Cuomo.Others on request.

WHICH PARTY WILL WIN? 4/5 Democrats; Evens Republicans; 25/1 Independent.