Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Hell, yes - 8/1 for 'Hell, no' during TV Leader Debate

BOOKMAKERS WILLIAM HILL are betting on which phrases may be used during the course of the 7 Leader Debate tonight - and believe it is a 6/1 chance that Ed Miliband, or any other contender, will reprise his recent use of the 'Hell, yes' phrase - but the use of 'Hell, no' is quoted at 8/1.

Meanwhile, Hills make Nigel Farage 13/8 favourite to be voted the 'Best' performer in the ComRes instant poll taken once the programme ends, while Natalie Bennett is 2/1 favourite to be voted 'Worst' performer.

Who'll be 'Best' in 7 Leader Debate (decided on ComRes poll)?-13/8 Farage; 3/1 Cameron/Miliband;7/1 Sturgeon; 9 Clegg; 14 Wood; 20 Bennett.

Who'll do 'Worst' in 7 Leader Debate (decided by ComRes instant poll)? 2/1 Bennett; 31 Wood;7/2 Clegg;7/1 Sturgeon;9/1 Miliband;10/1 Cameron;12/1 Farage.

Will it be said during the 7 Leader Debate?

William Hill ODDS

Deficit 1/100
Zero Hours 1/50
Food Banks 1/6
The British People 1/6
Bedroom Tax 1/5
Living Wage 1/4
Ed Balls 1/4
Alex Salmond 1/3
In out Referendum 1/2
Hard Working Families 1/2
Northern Powerhouse 4/6
Australian Points System 5/6
Tough Decisions 1/1
We inherited 5/4
Running Scared 2/1
All in it together 3/1
David Miliband 3/1
Jeremy Paxman 3/1
You Can't Trust the Tories 3/1
I agree with Nick 4/1
Two Kitchens 4/1
Twitter 4/1
Facebook 4/1
Not up to the Job 5/1
Pull up the Drawbridge 5/1
Hell Yes 6/1
Tony Blair 6/1
North London Geek 7/1
Labours Economic Mess 8/1
Hell No 8/1
Are you Alright Ed 10/1
There's no money left 16/1