Politics By Graham Sharpe

Grexit Odds Shortest Yet

THE CHANCES OF 'GREXIT' are now greater than ever before as bookmakers William Hill cut their odds on it happening this year from 6/4 to 5/4, and offered 4/7 that Greece will still be in the Eurozone on June 1, 2016.

'The pendulum has swung again and punters are now betting that Greece will begin or complete the process of leaving the Eurozone this year' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


BOOKMAKERS William Hill expect Chancellor, George Osborne, to deliver the first Budget of the Conservative majority government whilst wearing a true-blue Tory tie - and make him odds-on at 4/6 to do so.

Hills make Purple their 3/1 second favourite, and also offer 5/1 Green; 8/1 Grey; 16/1 Pink; 20/1 Yellow; 25/1 Brown; 33/1 Red.

The bookies anticipate that Mr Osborne, 5/1 to be the next Prime Minister with Hills, will speak for 55 or more minutes, quoting this option at 4/6, with a shorter speech of under 55 minutes offered at 11/10.

Meanwhile, Hills are also offering odds of 7/1 that the Chancellor will use the word 'Grexit' during his speech. 

Other words or phrases Hills are offering odds about the Chancellor using include: 1/3 Nothern powerhouse; 1/2 'Rewarding hard-working people'; 4/1 Alex Tsipras; 7/1 Austerity; 8/1 Andy Murray; 10/1 Wimbledon.

Greece are also 1/3 favourites with Hills to be the first country to leave the EU, with the UK 4/1 second favourites and Hungary 12/1 third favourites.