Politics By Graham Sharpe

Grexit - No Bookiexit Yet!

"There will not be a 'Grexit'," said European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, on Monday morning - but bookmakers William Hill are still prepared to take bets on whether his confident assertion will be proved correct this year.......

'Admittedly, our customers now believe that a Grexit this year is somewhat unlikely, and we've slashed the odds from 1/5 (stake £5 to make profit of £1) when we opened for business this morning to 1/12 (stake £12 to win £1)' said Hill's Media Relations Director, Graham Sharpe, 'But there are still some prepared to take our odds of 6/1 that there WILL be a Grexit 2015.'

WILLIAM HILL.......GREXIT 2015?....YES - 6/1.......NO- 1/12