Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Gamble Grows On Two General Elections in 2015

WITH political punters virtually certain there will be a Hung Parliament - one William Hill client has staked £200,000 - the biggest General Election bet ever placed - on that outcome at odds of 2/9, which have now been shortened further to 1/6, William Hill have also seen hefty support for there to be TWO General Elections during 2015, and have had to cut the odds, which were originally 8/1, to 7/2.

Following the 7 Leader debate, won by 3/1 second favourite Ed Miliband according to the ComRes poll on which Hills based their odds, the Labour leader is 11/8 with Hills to be PM on August 1,2015, (Cameron is 4/7)while Labour are 15/8 to be the biggest single Party after the Election, with the Tories 2/5 favourites.

WILLIAM HILL: GENERAL ELECTION OUTCOME....1/6 Hung Parliament; 2/1 Lab minority govt; 11/4 Con minority govt; 5/1 Con majority govt; 6/1 Con-LD coalition; 13/2 coalition involving SNP; 8/1 Lab-LD coalition; 16/1 Coalition involving UKIP; 16/1 Lab majority govt; 25/1 Coalition involving Greens; Coalition involving DUP; 33/1 Con-Lab coalition; 100/1 Ukip majority govt; 500/1 Lib Dem maj.

TO BE LARGEST PARTY- 2/5 Con; 15/8 Lab

PM ON AUG 1,2015- 4/7 Cameron; 11/8 Miliband


HIGH PROFILE POLITICIANS IN DANGER OF LOSING SEATS.....Danny Alexander (Inverness) 7/2 to win, SNP 1/6;  Douglas Alexander (Paisley) Evens to win, SNP 8/11;   Nick Clegg(Sheffield Hallam) 1/2 to win, Lab 6/4.  George Galloway (Bradford W) 8/11 to win, Labour 11/10;  Esther McVey (Wirral W) Evens to win, 8/11 Labour.