By Joe Crilly

FA Cup Or Premier League, Which Should You Watch?

With Chelsea’s Premier League match against Manchester United clashing with the FA Cup semi final between Arsenal and Reading, William Hill have looked into their crystal ball to try to work out which one should be watched.

The Reading/Arsenal match is odds on at 8/13 to see the first goal and 4/5 to see the most goals.

On the flip side, the Chelsea/Manchester United looks set to be a more feisty affair with United and Chelsea 13/8 and 2/1 to see the first card compared to Reading and Arsenal at 10/3 and 9/2. The Premier League game is 7/4 to see a red card.

“The odds would suggest that if you want goals you should watch the FA Cup and if you want a bit of needle, you should watch the Premier League game,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “They both look set to be corkers though.”

All markets are based on match time. 90 minutes only.


Which match will have the first goal:

  • 8/13       Reading/Arsenal
  • 5/4         Chelsea/Manchester United
  • 100/1     no goals


Most goals:

  • 4/5         Reading/Arsenal
  • 10/3       tie
  • 13/8       Chelsea/Manchester United


First booking: 13/8 Manchester United; 2/1 Chelsea; 10/3 Reading; 9/2 Arsenal


Hat trick in the Chelsea/Manchester United game: 9/1

Hat trick in the Arsenal/Reading game: 4/1


Red card in Chelsea/Manchester United: 7/4

Red card in Arsenal/Reading: 11/2


Which match will have the most shots (settled according to BBC Sport. 90 minutes only): 2/5 Arsenal/Reading; 7/4 Chelsea/Manchester United


FA Cup winner: 4/5 Arsenal; 13/8 Liverpool; 7/1 Aston Villa; 20/1 Reading