Financial Betting Specials Betting By Joe Crilly

Even Money Favourite For Barclays CEO Role Already

After the sacking of Anthony Jenkins as Barclays CEO, William Hill have opened betting on the potential replacements for him. Tusahr Morzaria is the Even money favourite ahead of Antonio Horta Oserio at 4/1 and both Jonathan Moulds and Thomas King at 5/1.


“Given the nature of Jenkins’ dismissal, there is probably a shortlist drawn up to replace him already and the betting suggests that Tushar Morzaria heads that list,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


To replace Anthony Jenkins as next permanent Barclays CEO: 1/1 Tusar Morzaria; 4/1 Antonio Horta Oserio; 5/1 Jonathan Moulds; 5/1 Thomas King; 10/1 Cameron Clyne; 10/1 Gordon Nixon; 14/1 Andrea Orcel