Specials Betting Politics By Graham Sharpe

EU Referendum Odds On To Produce 'Stay' Result

Despite the launch of a band of Tory MPs keen to push David Cameron to secure concessions for the EU or risk facing a campaign to vote to quit when the Referendum takes place, bookmakers William Hill are offering 3/1 that the UK Referendum on EU membership will produce a Quit vote, 2/9 that the vote is to stay in.

'The momentum in the betting market has been with the 'Stay in' vote since it became obvious that the Referendum is virtually certain to happen, and the odds for staying in have been shortening relentlessly, but given that the date of the Referendum is yet to be announced it is quite likely that we'll see many fluctuations in the odds before the voting begins' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM RESULT: 2/9 stay in; 3/1 quit.

WHEN WILL UK IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM TAKE PLACE? 5/4 before end of June 2016; 3/1 July-December 2016; 7/2 June-July 2017; 7/2 July 2017 or later.

FIRST COUNTRY TO LEAVE EUROPEAN UNION? 1/3 Greece; 5/1 UK; 10/1 Hungary; 12/1 Cyprus; 16/1 Italy; 16/1 Spain; 20/1 Latvia. Others on request.

NEXT UKIP LEADER.......8/11 Suzanne Evans; 6/4 Douglas Carswell; 7/1 Steven Woolfe; 8/1 Mark Reckless; 10/1 Diane James; Paul Nuttall; 12/1 Patrick O'Flynn; Tim Aker. Others on request.


It is an odds-on shot that the controversial 10% pay-rise for MPs, recommended by Ipsa will be implemented in full, say bookmakers William Hill, who are offering odds of 4/7 (stake £7 for profit of £4) that the full 10%rise WILL go ahead, and 5/4 (stake £4 for profit of £5) that it

'Despite protestations from some high profile MPs that they don't want/will refuse/will donate to charity the 10% pay rise, we expect it will be implemented in full' said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe.
NEXT LABOUR LEADER...8/11 Andy Burnham; 5/2 Liz Kendall; 7/2 Yvette Cooper; 50/1 Mary Creagh. Others on request.