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End To Licence Fee?

Bookmaker William Hill has released betting on the BBC Licence Fee being abolished - but the odds suggest it is very unlikely.

It is 1/50 to still be in place by the end of next year. It's 12/1 with William Hill that it is scrapped by the start of 2017.

It is slightly more likely that there is a reduction in the cost of the TV licence, but it is improbable that it drops below £100. 

William Hill offer just 1/20 that the licence is still more than £100 by the end of next year. It's 8/1 that it does drop below that threshold.

"The licence fee is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. It would be a shock if the government implemented any changes that really reduced the cost for the average man and woman," said William Hill spokesman Jon Ivan-Duke.


William Hill Odds

Licence Fee to be abolished by end of 2016:
1/50 no
12/1 yes

Licence Fee to be reduced to below £100 by end of 2016:
1/20 No
8/1 Yes