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EastEnders: With Conclusion Hours Away, Punters Are None The Wiser

As the “Who Killed Lucy Beale” storyline reaches its conclusion, William Hill can report that upwards of half a million pounds will be staked with them alone (equating to an industrywide turnover of around £2.5m).


Thus far, punters have been piling into Abi Branning and 10p of every pound wagered on the market has been for her being the perpetrator. Despite the widespread support (Abi is the best backed suspect), her odds have drifted to 10/1. Instead, it is Bobby who heads the betting at 3/1 followed closely by Cindy.


“The odds have fluctuated so much during this market, so much so, that the best backed suspect has attracted just over 10% of all wagers,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “With the reveal less than 12 hours away, it would seem that the British public (and ourselves for that matter) have no idea who the killer is.”


After Jo Joyner fluffed her lines on Wednesday, William Hill have cut the price of an actor doing it during the live show on Thursday from Even money to 4/5.


Who killed Lucy Beale: 3/1 Bobby Beale; 9/2 Cindy Williams; 5/1 Ben Mitchell; 5/1 Jane Beale; 6/1 Billy Mitchell; 8/1 Ian Beale; 10/1 Abi Branning; 10/1 Peter Beale; 14/1 Denise Fox; 16/1 Les Coker; 20/1 Danny Pennant; 20/1 Pam Coker; 20/1 Sadie Young; 25/1 Cora Cross; 25/1 Fatboy; 25/1 Lauren Branning; 25/1 Mick Carter; 33/1 BAR


Live show specials:

1/2 A punch to be landed on a cast member

4/5 Any cast member to clearly forget his/her lines

2/1 Any cast member to swear