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EastEnders: Records Tumble As William Hill Set to Take Over 100,000 Bets On Who Killed Lucy

Bookmakers William Hill can report a significant gamble on Abi Branning to be Lucy Beale’s killer after her father suggested that it was her who committed the crime. Her odds tumbled to 7/2, however, just as quickly as the gamble started, it subsided and her price drifted back out to 6/1. £2,000 was wagered in the ten minute period alone after the show finished.


“About five minutes before the end of the episode and for about 10 minutes after, it was one way traffic for Abi yet the money quickly dried up as people assumed that the reveal was too soon with two live episodes still to go,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “We are still none the wiser.”


William Hill Lucy Beale



82,000 bets placed on the outcome with 48hrs to go

Biggest Bet: £2000 on Ian Beale – will win Customer a total of £25,000 should he be correct

400 bets placed in 10 minutes after show final

£120,000 wagered since midnight on Sunday


EastEnders Specials:

1/2 A Punch To Be Landed on a Cast Member

Evens Any Cast Member to Clearly Forget His/Her lines

2/1 Any Cast Member to Swear


William Hill Who Killed Lucy Beale?: 7/2 Bobby Beale, 5/1 Jane Beale, 6/1 Abi Branning, 8/1 Ben Mitchell, 10/1 Ian Beale, 10/1 Cindy Beale, 10/1 Peter Beale, 14/1 Les Coker, 14/1 Mick Carter, 16/1 Danny Pennant, 20/1 Denise Fox, 25/1 Jay Brown, 25/1 Charlie Cotton, 25/1 Cora Cross, 33/1 Lauren Branning, 33/1 Lee Carter, 33/1 Max Branning, 33/1 Pam Coker, 33/1 Whitney Dean, 40/1 Fatboy, 40/1 Phil Mitchell, 40/1 Sharon Mitchell, 40/1 Tanya Branning, 66/1 Billy Mitchell, 66/1 Dean Wicks, 66/1 Lola Pearce, 66/1 Lola Pearce, 66/1 Nick Cotton, 66.1 Rainie Cross, 66/12 Sadie Young, 66/1 Sonia Jackson, Any other cast member 100/1