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Early Money Results In Two New Favourites

There has been plenty of movement in the first 24 hours of William Hill’s ‘who will replace Adam Smith on the BOE £20 note’ with early 8/1 favourite LS Lowry, being demoted to 10/1 and overtaken by both JMW Turner and William Blake who now share the top of the betting market at 8/1.

Barbara Hepworth and George Stubbs are both 12/1 to be the new face of the £20 note with Richard Attenborough at 14/1.

“A market such as this will always be quite volatile during the opening few days and this time around has proved no different,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “We already have two new favourites based on weight of money in the opening 24 hours of betting and our customers reckon that Turner and Blake deserve to be at the top of the market.”


Who will replace Adam Smith on the BOE £20 note: 8/1 JMW Turner; 8/1 William Blake; 10/1 LS Lowry; 12/1 Barbara Hepworth; 12/1 George Stubbs; 14/1 Richard Attenborough; 16/1 Henry Moore; 25/1 Burt Hardy; 25/1 Clarence Cliff; 25/1 Francis Bacon; 25/1 25/1 Jacob Epstein; 25/1 John Shackleton; 25/1 Joseph Wright of Derby; 25/1 Joshua Reynolds; 25/1 Josiah Wedgwood; 25/1 Lucien Freud; 25/1 Thomas Gainsborough; 25/1 William Hogarth; 33/1 David Lean; 33/1 John Constable; 40/1 Angus McBean; 40/1 Charlie Chaplin; 50/1 Alfred Hitchcock; 50/1 Augustus Egg; 50/1 Bruce James Talbert; 50/1 Harry Beck; 50/1 James Plucknett; 50/1 Jane Brown; 50/1 Ken Loach; 50/1 Mick Rock; 50/1 Philip Clisset; 50/1 Philip Jones; 66/1 Beatrix Potter; 100/1 Alexander McQueen; 100/1 Anthony Gormley; 100/1 Mary Adshead; 100/1 Patrick Caulfield; 100/1 Thomas Burberry