Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Donald Is Punters' Trump Card

ONCE A 150/1 unconsidered outsider with bookmakers William Hill, Donald Trump is now 5/1 third favourite to be the next occupant of the White House - and Hlls are facing a six figure payout should he manage to win the US Presidential election.

'A Cornish client of ours, John Mappin, stands to win some £50,000 from us if Donald Trump wins, and a Canadian customer from Ontario has bet 8500 Canadian dollars (approx £4200) on him, and he is now far and away the worst potential outcome for us, likely to be a six figure loser' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE: 13/8 Jeb Bush; 3/1 Donald Trump; 5/1 Marco Rubio; Scott Walker; 12/1 John Kasich. Others on request.

DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE: 2/7 Hillary Clinton; 5/1Joe Biden;  Bernie Sanders; 26/1 Martin O'Malley. Others on request.

NEXT ELECTED PRESIDENT: 11/10 Clinton; 4/1 Bush; 5/1 Trump; 10/1 Biden; 12/1 Rubio; Sanders; 16/1 Walker; 22/1 Kasich 66/1 O'Malley. Others on request.