Politics By Graham Sharpe

Donald Is Cornishman's £44,000 Trump Card

A Cornish client of bookmakers William Hill will collect a profit of over £44,000 should maverick US Presidential candidate Donald Trump win his way to the White House.

The customer opened an online betting account with Hills earlier in the year, purely to bet on Trump to become the Republican candidate and to go on to become President. 

He has now placed seven bets totalling £612.50 for him to win the race to be candidate at odds of between 7/1 and 20/1; and ten more bets costing £1562 for him to be President at odds of between 14/1 and 33/1.

That's a total of 17 bets, costing £2174.50.

He stands to make a profit of £8075 from the candidacy bets and £35,950 from the Presidential bets, a total profit of £44,025

'The rise of Donald Trump from a 150/1 outsider to 14/1 sixth favourite to become President has been a remarkable feature of the White House race - and our Cornish client has staked £1587 in the hope of making a profit of £36,250' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


WILLIAM HILL.....To win US Presidential race: Evens Hillary Clinton; 7/2 Jeb Bush; 7/1 Marco Rubio; 10/1 Scott Walker; 12/1 Bernie Sanders; 14/1 Donald Trump.


To be Republican candidate: 11/8 Jeb Bush; 7/2 Scott Walker; 4/1 Marco Rubio; 7/1 Donald Trump.