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Depp-uty Dogs Odds-On To Be Gone!

Johnny Depp is in the doghouse with the Australian government, after it transpired that his two hounds had entered the country illegally, without passing through quarantine. Depp has a limited time to get the pooches, Pistol and Boo, out of Australia.

Bookmakers William Hill make it odds of 11/4 that Depp keeps them in Oz beyond the Saturday* deadline outlined by the Australian Department of Agriculture. It’s odds-on 1/4 that they hightail it out of the country.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce doesn’t sound like a man to be messed with either – he told Aussie media: “It's time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States."

And William Hill think Depp won’t dig in his paws.

“Depp’s dogs are being hounded out of Australia and there is a leading chance they will be gone before the deadline. It makes no difference how hard Depp’s fans howl on social media, they are barking up the wrong tree,” said William Hill spokesman Jon Ivan-Duke.

It remains to be seen whether the tail-waggers waltz on to a private plane or doggy-paddle their way on to a pirate ship.

William Hill Odds - Depp’s Dogs Special:

1/4 To have left Australia by 23.59 Saturday 16th May 2015

11/4 To still be in Australia after 23.50 Saturday 16th May 2015

*Saturday 23.59, UK Time


[Picture by: Dan Steinberg/AP/Press Association Images]