Royalty By Joe Crilly

Could Royal Butcher, Baker & Candlestick Maker Have Let The Name Out Of The Bag?

The name Alice is now officially a shorter price than George ever was when William Hill were betting on the name of the first Royal Baby. A sustained gamble over the last seven days has seen the odds cut from 14/1 to 2/1 while the shortest George ever went was 3/1.

“We have seen bets of up to £500 being placed on the name of this baby being Alice and there could be some rationale behind this gamble,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “With the birth of the baby likely in the next few weeks, William and Kate will be organising for the day and will undoubtedly have told a number of people arranging the birth celebrations that should a girl arrive, her name will be Alice.” 

For those who were hoping that the Royal Baby would arrive on Easter Sunday, William Hill can put a dampener on that, reporting that not a single penny has been staked on Sunday being the date of birth. Instead, the big gamble has been for the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month with the latter, being the Queen’s date of birth.

“It would appear likely that Kate will be able to enjoy her Easter Eggs on Sunday because at odds of 25/1 and not a single bet placed, we think that an Easter baby is out of the question,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “Instead, the gamble has been for the baby to arrive on the Queen’s birthday and so a double celebration may be in order at the Palace.”

William Hill Date Of Royal Baby Two:

25/1 3rd April, 25/1 4th April, 25/1 5th April, 25/1 6th April, 25/1 7th April, 25/1 8th April, 20/1 April 9th, 20/1 April 10th,20/1 April 11th, 20/1 April 12th, 20/1 April 13th, 20/1 April 14th, 16/1 April 15th, 16/1 April 16th, 16/1 April 17th, 16/1 April 18th, 14/1 April 19th, 14/1 April 20th, 14/1 April 21st, 14/1 April 22nd, 16/1 April 23rd, 16/1 April 24th, 20/1 April 25th, 20/1 April 26th, 25/1 April 27th, 25/1 April 28th, 25/1 April 29th, 25/1 April 30th 

Gender of the baby: 8/11 Female, Evens Male

William Hill Royal Baby Names: 2/1 Alice, 9/2 Elizabeth, 11/2 Charlotte, 12/1 Victoria, 14/1 Alexandra, 16/1 Diana, 20/1 Arthur 20/1 Henry, 20/1 James, 25/1 Alexander, 25/1 Catherine, 25/1 Frances, 25/1 Mary, 25/1 Phillip, 33/1 Albert, 33/1 Edward, 33/1 Louis, 33/1 Margaret, 33/1 Richard, 40/1 Ava, 40/1 Oliver, 40/1 Florence, 40/1 Francis, 40/1 Helen, 50/1 Eva, 50/1 Andrew, 50/1 Charles, 50/1 David, 50/1 Eleanor, 50/1 Grace, 50/1 Isabella, 50/1 John, 50/1 Michael, 50/1 Thomas, 66/1 Alfred