Specials Betting Television By Joe Crilly

Could Peter Have Dunnit? Brother Is Latest In Long Line Of Culprits!

Peter Beale’s odds of being his sister’s killer have halved in recent days from 20/1 to 10/1 following the latest turn in the Lucy Beale murder case. William Hill, who are taking upwards of 2,000 bets per day on the fictional killer have seen a rush of money as Lauren’s behaviour towards her fiancé has become increasingly erratic.  


“With the big reveal just around the corner EastEnders seems to be turning into an episode of Midsomer Murders, with shifty glances and lingering close-ups indicating that literally anyone could be the culprit.”


Peter Beale is the third worst result for Britain’s biggest bookmaker with only Dean Wicks and Phil Mitchell (both relative outsiders at 33/1 and 16/1) ahead of him.


The culprit who has attracted the most bets has been Abi Branning who has attracted 11% of all wagers placed on the market followed by Peter with 8% of all bets placed.


“The fact that the best backed suspect has seen just 11% of all wagers struck goes to show that this market is wide open,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “Anyone could be the killer – except maybe Dot…”


EastEnders – Who killed Lucy Beale: 4/1 Abi Branning; 5/1 Ben Mitchell; 6/1 Jay Brown; 7/1 Jane Beale; 7/1 Les Coker; 8/1 Sharon Mitchell; 10/1 Bobby Beale; 10/1 Peter Beale; 12/1 Charlie Cotton; 12/1 Cindy Beale; 12/1 Cora Cross; 12/1 Ian Beale; 14/1 Denise Fox; 16/1 Phil Mitchell; 18/1 Max Branning; 20/1 Danny Pennant; 20/1 Lauren Branning; 20/1 Whitney Dean; 25/1 Lee Carter; 25/1 Sadie Young; 33/1 BAR