Politics Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Backing For Trump

A CORNISH HOTELIER will collect over £60,000 from bookmakers William Hill if Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Election.

John Mappin has staked a series of bets - the most recent one of £1538.46 is the biggest, placed at odds of 13/2 on Friday (today)- which will result in a £60,000+ payout if the one-time 150/1 outsider ends up in the White House.

'Mr Mappin is the biggest backer of Donald Trump at the moment, although we do also have a Canadian client who has bet £4000 on him as well' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'We are very wary of long-odds political gambles after Jeremy Corbyn was backed from 200/1 to odds-on favourite to become Labour leader.'


DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE.....1/12 Hillary Clinton; 6/1 Bernie Sanders. Others on request.

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE...5/4 Marco Rubio; 7/2 Donald Trump; 6/1 Jeb Bush; 13/2 Ted Cruz; 15/2 Ben Carson; 20/1 Chris Christie; 22/1 Carly Fiorina; 33/1 John Kasich; 33/1 Mick Huckabee. Others on request.

TO BE NEXT ELECTED PRESIDENT: 4/5 Clinton; 7/2 Rubio; 11/2 Trump; 9/1 Sanders; 14/1 Bush; 16/1 Carson; 20/1 Cruz; 33/1 Bloomberg; 33/1 Christie; 50/1 Kasich; Huckabee; 66/1 Fiorina. Others on request.