Politics By Joe Crilly

Corbyn Clear Favourite For Labour Leadership Role

Sunday saw former Labour leader Neil Kinnock come out in support of Andy Burnham in the Labour leadership race, however, it is Jeremy Corby who heads the betting with William Hill.

Corbyn became favourite in the race for the first time on Wednesday and is 11/10 to win it, having been as long as 200/1 just after the election. Andy Burnham is 2/1 with Yvette Cooper 11/4.

“This has been a fascinating race and to put it in sporting terms, the plunge in Corbyn’s odds is the equivalent of someone like Mark Lewis Francis suddenly becoming favourite for the Olympic 100m final,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly “He started this race as a real outsider, however, he looks to have secured the victory if the odds are to be believed.”

Next permanent Labour Leader: 11/10 Jeremy Corbyn; 2/1 Andy Burnham; 11/4 Yvette Cooper; 50/1 Liz Kendall