Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Clinton on the drift as Trump closes in....

DESPITE coming under attack from all sides at the most recent Republican candidates' debate, British bookmakers William Hill say Donald Trump continues to be the best backed candidate both to win the nomination for the Republicans, and to emerge as the next President.

William Hill have Mr Trump as 5/2  (stake $2 for potential profit of $5) second favourite behind 2/1 chance Jeb Bush to become the candidate, and he is now down from 5/1 to 9/2 joint second favourite along with Bush, to win the race to the White House, for which Hillary Clinton's odds have now drifted out to 6/4 - the longest odds at which William Hill have quoted her at since February 2014.

'Hillary Clinton's odds have been on the slide for weeks, while Donald Trump's have been spectacularly shortening since he was first offered at 150/1 when he was first considered as a potential candidate - the very fact that other candidates are now regularly criticising him en masse must suggest they believe he is a serious rival.' said Hill's Media Relations Director, Graham Sharpe.

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE.....2/1 Bush; 5/2 Trump; 11/2 Rubio; 7/1 Kasich; 8/1 Walker; 9/1 Carson; 12/1 Fiorina; 20/1 Cruz; 25/1 Huckabee; Romney. Others on request.

DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE....2/5 Clinton; 7/2 Biden; 9/2 Sanders; 33/1 Kerry. Others on request.

TO BE PRESIDENT....6/4 Clinton; 9/2 Bush; 9/2 Trump; 6/1 Biden; 10/1 Sanders; 12/1 Rubio; 14/1 Kasich; 20/1 Carson; 22/1 Walker; 25/1 Fiorina. Others on request.