Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Cameron TV Debate Odds

WITH DAVID CAMERON still refusing to commit himself either to a head-to-head tv debate with Ed Miliband, or to taking part in a multi-Party (4 or more) tv debate, William Hill have opened a book on the former happening, and lengthened the odds about him being part of the latter.

Hills now offer 1/4 that the PM WILL take part in a head-to-head televised debate with Ed Miliband, 11/4 that he will not. And they have cut the odds about him refusing to be part of a multi-Party (4 or more) tv debate from 12/5 to 7/4, and offer 2/5 (from 3/10) that he WILL do so.

'Mr Cameron is clearly not keen on taking part in either debate, but he has to weight that against the consequences of not doing so and the inevitable accusations that he is running scared of facing his Election opponents- and the possibility that he may be 'empty-chaired' by the broadcasters should he not take part' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Head To Head TV Debate Between David Cameron & Ed Miliband To Take Place: 1/4 YES; 11/4 NO

David Cameron To Take Part In Multi-Party (4 or more) TV General Election Debate....2/5 YES; 7/4 NO.

PRIME MINISTER ON AUG 1, 2015?......4/7 D Cameron; 11/8 E Miliband; 14/1 anyone else.

WILLIAM HILL ODDS: GENERAL ELECTION OUTCOME...1/5 Hung Parliament; 4/1 Con-LD Coalition; 9/2 Coalition involving SNP; 9/2 Con minority govt; 5/1 Labour minority govt; 11/2 Con majority; 11/2 Lab-LD coalition; 7/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 9/1 Lab majority; 20/1 Coalition involving Greens; 33/1 Con-Lab coalition; 50/1 Ukip majority; 500/1 Lib Dem majority.

TO BE LARGEST SINGLE PARTY....8/13 Conservatives; 5/4 Labour; 33/1 Ukip; 400/1 Lib Dems.