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Camelot Castle Owner's £44,000 Donald Trump Gamble

A Cornish client of bookmakers William Hill who will collect a profit of over £44,000 should maverick US Presidential candidate Donald Trump win his way to the White House has outlined his reasons for placing the bets - the first he has ever struck on any subject.

The customer, 50 year old John Mappin, opened an online betting account with Hills earlier in the year, purely to bet on Trump to become the Republican candidate and to go on to become President. 

He has since placed SEVENTEEN bets on Trump to a value of £2174.50 - seven bets totalling £612.50 for him to win the race to be candidate at odds of between 7/1 and 20/1; and ten more costing £1562 for him to be President at odds of between 14/1 and 33/1.He says he is likely to place more wagers.

Mr Mappin, the owner of historic Camelot Castle in Tintagel, Cornwall, stands to make a profit of £8075 from the candidacy bets and £35,950 from the Presidential bets, a total profit of £44,025 and has now explained why he has opened a betting account to place the first bets he has ever struck:

"I am an investor and an entrepreneur.  Our family has historically, and does to day, invest in new ideas, new concepts, new technology and engineering, among other investments.  We have done so for centuries.  We own an International Media Group that is based at Camelot Castle. 


"I have never placed a bet before and opened the account with William Hill specifically to invest in Trump’s election results, I am not a speculator in the traditional sense, and consider that my wager is an investment.   I observed that the odds offered at the time were not in line with my observations of reality and the affinity that the people of America feel for Trump and a Trump Presidency and that the media and political commentary had underestimated, and probably still does underestimate, Trump’s potential to win, and so we made our wager. 


"I do think that Trump’s story and the conceptual evolution that he commands is extremely important for the world and that it will run for many many months.  Its consequences will be felt for years, possibly decades.


“Media personnel, pundits and political operatives have not yet realised the extraordinary depth of sea change that has occurred.   Its scope is almost unimaginable to them.


"Whatever the outcome of the US election that change will be permanent." 


DONALD TRUMP has now been cut from 7/1 to 5/1 by William Hill to become the Republican Presidential candidate, and from 14/1 to 10/1 joint fourth favourite to be the next occupant of the White House, following the Republican candidate debate.

'Mr Trump, who we initially quoted as a 150/1 no-hoper, clearly relishes his role as the unpredictable maverick and looks set to be a serious contender' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL.....REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE: 5/4 Jeb Bush; 4/1 Marco Rubio; 4/1 Scott Walker; 5/1 Donald Trump; 12/1 Rand Paul; 16/1 John Kasich; 16/1 Mick Huckabee; 20/1 Chris Christie; 22/1 Ben Carson. Others on request.

DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE....2/7 Clinton; 5/1 Biden; 6/1 Sanders. 28/1 and upwards others.

NEXT PRESIDENT; Evens Hillary Clinton; 7/2 Bush; 7/1 Rubio; 10/1 Trump; 10/1 Biden; 12/1 Bernie Sanders; 12/1 Walker; 25/1 John Kasich; others on request..

PARTY OF NEXT PRESIDENT: 4/6 Democrat; 6/5 Republican; 40/1 Independent.

Further information...Graham Sharpe...William Hill Media Relations Director...0780 3233702

**NOTE TO JOURNALISTS......Contact details for Mr Mappin and additional quotes from him available on request.