Rowing By Joe Crilly

Boat Race: Huge Gamble On Oxford

Oxford are the punters’ pals heading with the boat race taking place a week on Saturday. Their odds have tumbled in the last 24 hours to 1/4 from an original 4/9 to win the men’s race and to 1/6 from 4/6 in the women’s race at William Hill.


Bets of up to £700 have been wagered on both the men’s and women’s races for Oxford to win each, while £50 is the maximum wagered on the light blues across both the women’s and men’s race.


“To all intents and purposes, Oxford look like they have both of these races in the bag already, they need only show up to win if our customers’ certainty is to be believed,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


Men’s boat race: 1/4 Oxford; 11/4 Cambridge; 66/1 Dead Heat


Women’s boat race: 1/6 Oxford; 7/2 Cambridge; 66/1 Dead Heat


Men’s Race specials:

10/1       Record time to be broken

16/1       Either boat to sink during race

20/1       Either boat to be disqualified

33/1       Cambridge boat to sink during men’s race

33/1       Oxford boat to sink during the men’s race

100/1     Both boats to sink during the race


Men’s race winning distance: 8/11 over 3 lengths; 11/4 2-3 lengths inclusive; 3/1 under 2 lengths