Specials Betting By Joe Crilly

August Tube Strikes: London To Be Brought To Standstill Once More

With two new 24 hour strikes planned at the end of August, William Hill are offering odds of 3/1 that both are called off although it is just 11/8 that both take place.

The drivers are striking in response to the 24 hour tube which is still odds on (at 8/11) to start, as scheduled, on the morning of the 12th September.

“London has been brought to a standstill over the last few weeks and it looks highly likely that it will be again at the end of the month,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

“The cause of all the consternation, however, looks increasingly likely to go ahead as scheduled.”

24hr Service To run as scheduled on 12th Sept: 8/11 yes; Evs no

How many of the Tube strikes will take place on 25th and 27th August: 3/1 no strike; 6/5 one strike; 11/8 both