General Election Politics By Graham Sharpe

Are EU Sure About 6/4 Referendum, Mr Cameron?

DESPITE MR CAMERON'S claims that he will hold an EU Referendum if he is in power after the General Election, bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 6/4 (stake £4 to win £6) that an in/out Referendum on continuing membership of the EU WILL take place by 2019 - but make it an odds-on shot at 1/2 (stake £2 to win £1) that there will NOT be one by 2019.

And should there be an in/out EU Referendum, William Hill offer 1/2 that it will produce a STAY IN majority, 6/4 a QUIT majority.

'Political promises, pledges and guarantees are not always kept, and Mr Miliband's view is not the same as Mr Cameron's, so we are quite happy to offer odds against an in/out EU Referendum taking place before 2019' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.