Royalty By Joe Crilly

Another Plunge On Alice: Bookies All But Certain Royal Baby Will Be Girl Called Alice

William Hill have cut the price of the second Royal baby being called Alice after yet another customer wagered £500 on that particular outcome (offered at 2/1 when the bet was struck).

The punter, who walked into a shop in central London, immediately equalled the largest bet on William Hill’s baby name market.

“The name Alice now accounts for over a third of all wagers we have taken on the Royal Baby name,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “This gamble has rumbled on for quite some time now and we are all but convinced that if the baby is a girl, she will be called Alice.”

It is now 4/6 that the baby is a girl and 11/10 a boy.

Name of the baby: 6/4 Alice; 5/1 Elizabeth; 112/2 Charlotte; 12/1 Victoria; 14/1 Alexandra; 14/1 Arthur; 14/1 James; 16/1 Diana; 20/1 Henry; 20/1 Richard; 256/1 Alexander; 25/1 Catherine;’ 25/1 Frances; 25/1 Mary; 25/1 Phillip; 33/1 BAR

Gender of William and Kate’s second baby: 4/6 female; 11/10 male

What date will Kate give birth: 16/1 April 16th; 16/1 April 17th; 14/1 April 18th; 12/1 April 19th; 123/1 April 20th; 12/1 April 21st; 12/1 April 22nd; 12/1 April 23rd; 12/1 April 24th; 12/1 April 25th; 14/1 April 26th; 14/1 April 27th; 20/1 April 28th; 20/1 April 29th; 20/1 April 30th; 20/1 BAR