United States Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

America betting on Cruz control?

TED CRUZ, the first declared candidate for the race to the White House 2016, is quoted at 16/1 by William Hill to win the Republican nomination, and at 40/1 to become President.

'Mr Cruz seems to be a charismatic politician and he may gather momentum by being the first declared runner' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'So we do not want to under-estimate his prospects of emerging as the next President'

TO BE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE...2/1 Jeb Bush; 5/1 Scott Walker; 7/1 Marco Rubio; 7/1 Rand Paul; 12/1 Chris Christie; 16/1 Ted Cruz.

TO BE NEXT PRESIDENT...5/4 Hillary Clinton; 4/1 Jeb Bush; 10/1 Scott Walker; 14/1 Marco Rubio; 14/1 Rand Paul; 18/1 Elizabeth Warren; 25/1 Chris Christie; Condoleeza Rice; Deval Patrick; Joe Biden; 40/1 Ted Cruz.