Specials Betting Music Weather By Joe Crilly

50 Days Until Christmas…Will We See Snow? What Will Be Top Singles, Books And Video Games?

With Christmas Day just 50 days away on Thursday, William Hill are predicting what could happen on the big day. In some parts of the UK the odds of snow falling on the 25th December are just 2/1 (Aberdeen) with London a 5/1 shot (from an original 8/1) and snow to fall at any of the 15 weather stations being monitored by William Hill this winter Even money.

Regarding what people may find in their stockings, it looks likely that there may be a copy of the X Factor winner’s song which is the 2/5 favourite to have the Christmas number one single while Bill Bryson’s The Road To Little Dribbling is the 2/1 favourite to bag the top spot for books.

For all the gamers, Call Of Duty: Black Ops III  is the slight 5/4 favourite to be the top video game ahead of FIFA 16 at 2/1.

“The festive TV adverts have started and while the weather outside is anything but frightful at the moment, for most, now is the time to start thinking of Christmas gifts,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

Snow on Christmas Day: 2/1 Aberdeen; 5/2 Edinburgh; 5/2 Glasgow; 4/1 Belfast; 4/1 Leeds; 9/2 Liverpool; 9/2 Manchester; 9/2 Newcastle; 5/1 Birmingham; 5/1 Dublin; 5/1 London; 6/1 Bristol; 6/1 Cardiff; 6/1 Norwich; 9/1 Penzance

Christmas number one single: 2/5 UK X Factor winner; 5/1 Adele; 8/1 Cilla Black; 9/1 Sam Smith; 10/1 NHS Choir; 12/1 One Direction; 20/1 Katy Perry; 20/1 Shirley Bassey and Blake; 25/1 Zayn Malik; 33/1 Bruno Mars; 33/1 Ed Sheeran; 33/1 Miley Cyrus; 40/1 Little Mix; 50/1 BAR

Christmas number one book: 2/1 The Road to Little Dribbling – Bill Bryson; 3/1 Simply Nigella – Nigella Lawson; 6/1 Over The Top And Back – Tom Jones; 6/1 The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire – Dan And Phil; 6/1 Those Were The Days – Terry Wogan; 8/1 Guinness Book Of World Records 2016; 8/1 Spectacles – Sue Perkins; 20/1 Dictator – Robert Harris; 20/1 Easily Distracted – Steve Coogan; 20/1 Heat: Extreme Adventures at the Highest Temperatures on Earth – Ranulph Feinnes; 20/1 We British – Andrew Marr; 33/1 Absol;ute Pandemonium – Brian Blessed; 33/1 Carry On – Rainbow Rowell; 33/1 The Who: The Official History by Peter Townshend and Roger Daltry

Christmas number one video game: 5/4 Call of Duty Black Ops III; 2/1 FIFA 16; 9/2 Guitar Hero Live; 5/1 Star Wars Battlefront; 8/1 Assassins Creed Syndicate; 10/1 Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain; 16/1 Fallout 4; 16/1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016; 20/1 Destiny; 20/1 Unchartered Collection; 33/1 Grand Theft  Auto V