Politics - US Politics Specials Betting By Graham Sharpe

30,000/1 Corbyn - Trump Double

William Hill quoted Jeremy Corbyn at 200/1 and Donald Trump at 150/1, when the pair launched their respective bids to become Labour leader and US President. At that point the odds for both to win were over 30,000/1 - now they are quoted respectively at 2/7 favourite and 10/1 fourth favourite - representing double odds now of just over 13/1!

'Any political punters shrewd enough to invest in both winning could now be looking at a return of over £30,000 for a £1 bet on the double' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'We have rarely seen gambles of this nature where apparent outsiders suddenly become serious contenders in political betting history before- if either of them should win he will become a record-breaker in political gambling terms.'

  • LATEST LABOUR LEADER ODDS....2/7 Corbyn; 7/2 Burnham; 8/1 Cooper; 80/1 Kendall
  • CORBYN TO WIN ON FIRST PREFERENCES?.....8/11 yes; Evens no
  • CORBYN TO LEAD LAB INTO GEN ELECTION?....2/7 No; 5/2 Yes. (Bets void if he doesn't win leadership)
  • US ELECTION.....DEM CANDIDATE....2/7 H Clinton; 5/1 J Biden; 6/1 B Sanders; Others on request
  • US ELECTION.....REP CANDIDATE....5/4 J Bush; 4/1 D Trump; 4/1 M Rubio; 9/2 S Walker; 14/1 R Paul. Others on request.
  • US ELECTION....NEXT PRESIDENT...Evens  Clinton; 7/2 Bush; 7/1 Rubio; 10/1 Trump; 10/1 Biden; 12/1 Sanders/Walker. Others on request.

Picture by: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images