Weather Specials Betting By Rupert Adams

2015 Set To Be Hottest Year On Record

The latest odds from William Hill suggest that there is every chance that the warmest ever year record could fall and offer 2/1 that 2015 is the hottest ever. While it is just 8/1 that the UK’s sees a temperature of 100f this year.

“Although we did not see the heatwave that was originally forecast this weekend, we still think that 2015 could be the hottest on record,” said William Hill Spokesman Rupert Adams.

Will the UK hottest year record be broken in 2015: 2/1 yes; 4/11 no

UK summer temperature to exceed 100f in 2015: 8/1

UK record summer temperature (38.5c) to be broken in 2015: 14/1

A temperature of 40C or above to be recorded in the UK in 2015: 20/1

What month will have the warmest day in the UK in 2015: 25/1 April; 3/1 June; 2/1 July; 2/1 August; 4/1 September; 33/1 October to December