Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

20/1 Chance: President Hillary - Meet Prime Minister Hilary!

Bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 20/1 that before the end of 2020, Hillary Clinton will be US President and Hilary Benn will be UK Prime Minister, at the same time.

'The intriguing possibility of the two Hil(l)arys leading their countries at the same time has suddenly become more likely as Hilary Benn takes over as favourite to succeed Jeremy Corbyn, while Hillary Clinton is already odds-on favourite to win next year's US Presidential Election' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill have cut Mr Benn from 8/1 to 2/1 favourite to be the next Labour leader, and  make him12/1 to be the next Prime Minister, following his dramatic speech in Parliament, while Hillary Clinton is 4/5 favourite to win the US Presidential election.

Next Labour Leader... 2/1 Benn; 7/2 Jarvis; 9/1 Nandy; 9/1 Watson; 14/1 D Miliband; 14/1 Umunna; 16/1 Starmer. Others on request.

Next PM...7/4 Osborne; 4/1 Johnson; 6/1 Corbyn; 8/1 Javid; 12/1 Benn; 12/1 May; 16/1 D Miliband; 20/1 Jarvis. Others on request.

Next Elected US President... 4/5 Clinton; 10/3 Rubio; 9/2 Trump; 16/1 Cruz; 20/1 Bush; 28/1 Christie; 33/1 Carson. Others on request.

When Will Corbyn Cease To Be Labour Leader?...5/1 This year; 5/4 2016; 5/1 2017; 10/1 2018; 12/1 2019; 7/1 2020; 6/1 2021 or later.