Politics By Graham Sharpe

11/4 Greece To Quit Eurozone THIS Year

With Greece the red (blue?) hot 1/5 favourites to be the first country to quit the Eurozone at any time before the 2019 Euro Elections take place, William Hill are offering odds of 11/4 that the country will do so during this year.

'The new Greek government appears to be playing a game of brinkmanship which could well result in a departure from the Eurozone sooner rather than later' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

FIRST COUNTRY TO QUIT EUROZONE...1/5 Greece; 5/1 Cyprus; 14/1 Italy; Spain; 16/1 Germany; 28/1 Portugal; 40/1 Belgium; France, Ireland. Bets void if no country quits before 2019 Euro elections.

GREECE TO QUIT EUROZONE DURING 2015?...11/4 Yes; 1/4 No.