Politics By Graham Sharpe

Will E.M. be P.M. after General Election

WITH THE outcome of the General Election and the make-up of the government it will produce both still unclear, William Hill have opened a book on who will become Prime Minister as a result..........and they make both the current incumbent, David Cameron, and Labour leader Ed Miliband, Even money shots to be handed the key to Number 10 when the dust settles.

''If, as expected, there is no clear overall winner of the Election - and we are quoting 2/5 for that to be what happens-  there will be wheeling and dealing to be done until the new government is properly formed, so the bet will be settled by who is Prime Minister on August 1, 2015' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL: WHO WILL BE PM ON AUG 1,2015?...Evens David Cameron; Evens Ed Miliband; 25/1 Nigel Farage; 66/1 Nick Clegg; 9/1 anyone else.